StitchedxStuffed™, The World's 1st T-shirt Brand. We are a lifestyle brand of mainly buttons, stuffed animals and toys. Our goal is to stay committed in high quality garments but in a small limited quantities. Our creative graphics set us apart from the rest of the urban wear market as we are constantly creating new items to add in our toybox.


To build a brand that my children can takeover when they're old enough to do so. I would like for them to build the brand together as One, with love, care, and understanding that without the customer's support, there will be no brand.



When we started the clothing line in 2014 we knew we needed a mascot. When reaching out to numerous designers we noticed all the images were looking like stuffed animals. So excited to launched the brand, we used what we had at the moment. 


In 2016, we then went on a search of creating new images as well as revamping the brand due to not being satisfied with what we had and was advertising. We contacted a different graphic designer, revamped the mascots as well as teaming up with a local designer, in Virginia. We then created custom high fashion garments with the mascot print on the fabric, showcased in youth and college fashion shows in the area, and giveaway a lot of merchandise that year to build the brand awareness. 


 2018, Not only are we growing up as a brand, we've learned a lot. While "Stitching and Stuffing" the newest designs, we decided to re-vamp the mascots to stay focused on our toybox family that continues to grow. We are now focused on quality garments from our streetwear and lifestyle branding. We've shown everyone what we're capable of making when we brainstorm and put our minds to it. 

With that said stay tuned for what we have in store and thank you in advance for your continued support.
Daniel Jae